What People are Doing for Marriage Equality, the Video Version

Marriage equality is an issue that is debated around the world. According to a Pew Research Center Polling, about 51% of Americans favor marriage equality for all. This, of course, leaves about half the country against it. 42% say they oppose legalizing gay marriage. And while there is no number, there are still many people out there who simply don’t really have an opinion.

There are many celebrities, politicians, families, and more out there doing what they can for the fight. Check out 5 videos people that help bring a positive message for marriage equality, give insight, and more.

“Same Love” is a song performed by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert. This song has become somewhat of an equality anthem around the world.

Ken Mehlman is a Republican working to get more conservatives to support marriage equality because he believes that is is consistent with the parties’ beliefs.

NoH8 is a great organizations that utilizes celebrities to get people to listen and support. Mel B from Spice Girls talks about why she supports the cause and why we should too.

The Human Rights Campaign “Celebrates Moms” in this video. This video showcasing people dealing with LGBTQ issues and what they have to say about it.

The Trevor Project has done several celebrities PSAs to help LGBT youth in need. The Trevor Project works with at risk youth. In this PSA, Daniel Radcliffe talks to youth in need and tells them that there is hope out there.

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