New Networking Tool Relationship Science Changes How People Connect


IMG: Tomislav Pinter / Shutterstock

Social networking has been the key way we communicate in the 21st century. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, they have revolutionized the way people connect, talk and interact. Neal Goldman, the creator of Relationship Science, wants to take this a step further.

Goldman has raised around $60 million dollars from big names in business including Ken Langone, CV Starr, Henry Kravis, Hearst Corp., Stanley Druckenmiller, Barry Sternlicht, and more. RelSci recently made news when Goldman received another $3o million in funding – although the name of who was not released.


IMG: via RelSci

The basic idea of RelSci is to connect big names in business, nonprofits, and finance with each other. Getting in contact with someone you have never met before can be time consuming. An algorithm determines the strength of the relationship. You just need to put both of your names into the tool and it will help you get in contact with them. This may involve contacting Tim, who knows Amelia who knows the person you want to reach, but at least it maps it out for you.

Neal Goldman hired 800 people to research and create two million profiles with information on each person from philanthropy and boards they are on, to friends and colleagues.

It has yet to be announced when the tool will actually be available, and is currently still being worked on. For more information, visit their website.

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