Paula Deen Suddenly Sorry on Today Show


IMG: via Shutterstock

The Queen of Butter Paula Deen’s public appearances lately have been more and more emotional as the weight of an impending lawsuit sparks controversy and criticism all over the internet.  After cancelling on the Today Show last week, Deen sat down with Matt Lauer on Wednesday, in tears about her fate and in fierce denial of her alleged racism.  The apology comes only after the Food Network decided to drop all of her shows and her Southern Fried Empire appears under threat with the loss of sponsorship from Smithfield and Walmart.

In the interview and a series of videos that Deen posted on YouTube, she is adamant that she believes all people should be treated equally, and that she has worked and is working very hard to do “good work for good people”.  Her apology seems saccharine after being quoted as saying that she can’t really tell what types of comments are offensive and after her strange defense of slavery, Southern attitudes about race and her own discriminatory heart in a New York Times interview.

Even in the middle of her tearful remorse, Deen continued to try and pass the buck by pointing out the offensive language used by her own employees, and telling a story about when she was held at gun point by an African American over 30 years ago, a story that was mentioned in the deposition that is causing all the trouble.  Most likely, however, it seems Paula Deen will recover.  Her fans have already rallied by buying tickets for the Paula Deen cruise and slamming Food Network on Twitter for dropping her contract.  She is already working on rebranding herself after a series of controversies involving her diabetes, and most likely her powerful personality will win over another television network. I wonder if her friend Oprah will take her.

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